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Pattern Release: Color Collective Season One Collection

The day has finally come for the Season One Color Collective Pattern Collection to release! Until now, it was only available to members of the Color Collective back in 2018. When I launched Color Collective, I mostly didn't know what I was getting myself into. Amy (Sewtopia) and I knew we had a good idea, but we never dreamed we'd still be here providing folks with color and quilting inspiration almost 5 years later!

The beauty of Color Collective has been equal parts patterns, colors & community. I know a lot of people participating today have missed out on Season 1 and I've been wanting to release the patterns for a quite a while and finally decided the time was now!

What makes these patterns special? They're all technique based. Each one gives you a block and a technique. While you're making a block or a whole quilt you're learning a skill you can take onto your next quilt. The blocks are also just good fun! They are repeated in the quilt design, which helps build the skill, and by playing with color and value in each one, you never get bored.

What skills will I learn in each pattern?

How can I learn a skill from a written pattern? Some people definitely can, but there are parts of any technique that are just better explained live. It can be one thing to read a paragraph about how to sew an inset circle and then try to replicate that vs having someone show you. With that in mind, for each of these patterns, you can purchase just the PDF or you can opt for the PDF with Mini Workshop.

What's a Mini Workshop? A Mini Workshop is 20-40 minutes of on-demand video content where I walk through each step of the pattern and give tips on the trickiest parts of sewing blocks like navigating puckers in an inset circle or how to get the perfect y-seam. The content is hosted on a platform called Thinkific and your access never expires. So you can watch each video as often as you like and whenever you need a refresher. You also have the option to leave comments if you get stuck on a specific part of the pattern and need help.

What if I'm already an intermediate to advanced quilter? All of these skill based patterns are written for a confident beginner and above, but each of them has a very useful skill that even immediate and advanced sewists can benefit from:

  • Do you hate foundation paper piecing because you have to tear the papers out at the end of sewing? Try the Color Cross or On Point patterns! They utilize a new method of foundation paper piecing where the papers are reusable and don't have to be torn out.

  • Are you averse to y-seams? They can be intimidating, but are an amazingly useful skill to have. Try the Radiant Lone Star (if you want to do them by machine) or the Vintage Star (if you'd like to try them by hand).

What about color? The original color palettes are included in the patterns because that's one part of what makes the Color Collective so fun. Color Pop even includes a second revised color palette and technique that I might just love more than the original.

Ready to sew? If you participated in Season 1 of Color Collective back in the day or if you just picked up these patterns and are ready to get going, you can use the original color palette included in the pattern or grab a newly curated color palette bundle from my shop and try a whole new color exploration. A fat quarter bundle will be enough to explore the block concept, and the kit will be enough to make a throw quilt.

Do I need these patterns or Mini Workshops if I participated in Season 1 of the Color Collective? The patterns have been revised and the video content has been reshot and expanded on, but much of the information is the same, so you probably don't need them. However, since video content as part of Color Collective expires, if you would like to keep the mini workshop content forever on your favorite pattern (or one you never got to practice during the season) you might enjoy the PDF with the Mini Workshop options.

Are you planning to release other patterns from Seasons 2, 3 & 4 of the Color Collective? Eventually, but I don't have a firm idea of when they will happen. I have some brand new stand-alone pattern ideas I'd love to release, so I think those will be up next. Stay tuned!

Have questions? I'd love to help you! Just send an email to info@tarafaughnan.com

I am so excited to release these patterns! I hope you're excited to finally be able to get your hands one them and get sewing!

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