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Bokeh Quilt

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The Bokeh Quilt is an exploration into creating rhythm through the use of color and value. Rather than relying on shape to create a design, we will use value and contrast to create movement and tell a story. Whether you choose to use presice piecing, or go ruler free for this quilt, the design employs a method of strip piecing to make the sewing fast, easy and fun. 
Experience: Confident beginner to advanced

Classes begin in April 2022

Live online class via Zoom

MISA Fall 2022


Join piecing experts Sara Bond, Tara Faughnan, and Maria Shell for a 360 degree exploration of contemporary pieced patchwork! Each student will be creating their own medallion style quilt inspired by lessons in color, design, composition, and technique.

Each day students will gather to hear ALL three teacher’s perspectives on a particular subject matter. Students will decide which approach of the three presented they would like to incorporate into their own medallion quilt. For example, each teacher will give a mini lecture on their approach to triangles, the student can then decide to incorporate one, two, or all three perspectives on the triangle into their medallion quilt. Think of it as a la carte quilt making! When lectures are not in session, teachers will be available for small group demos, one on one consults, and more.

September 26-30 2022

Madeline Island WI